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Keegan Golf / DNA Golf Academy is committed to junior golf.  In fact, we LOVE junior golf!  Working with young people provides an opportunity to play a prominent and meaningful role in their lives.  Our clinic leaders, through their actions and words, set an example for juniors to follow.  Their enthusiasm, sincerity, honesty, and sense of fair play will be communicated to the juniors. 

Our Junior Program has been recognized as one of the best in the state.  In fact, John Keegan, our PGA Director of Golf is a six time nominee of the Illinois PGA Chapter Junior Golf Leader Award and the winner of the prestigious award in 2003.

This is our 20th year of our junior camps, but our goal remains the same… teaching the proper fundamentals of the game, while emphasizing the FUN of golf.  We feel fortunate to be able to offer the camps, and are proud to aid in the growth of the game.

Our junior program is designed to produce avid players.  We will have some talented juniors, who become champions, but our primary objective is to develop life-long golfers, who continue to play long after the program is over.  The bottom line is to increase the number of juniors who find the special joy and thrill of playing golf.

Golf can have such a great influence on a child’s life.  Many of the children who have attended our camps are now grown and are helping shape the game of golf and community around us.  
We use a “hear it, see it, try it method” with the children to capture all areas of learning (audio, visual, and kinesthetic).  Our training stations and fun activities allow for enhancement of skills through hands on activities and cooperative competition.  We attempt to improve our program each and every year with creative new ideas while providing an atmosphere where learning is fun, challenging, and exciting.

Golf is a sport that helps enrich people’s lives by teaching them a game that reinforces many of life’s greatest lessons and values.  Golf allows the opportunity for personal growth and career enhancement unlike any other sport.

Golf is a great family game and we believe our program helps build relationships that last a lifetime.  We feel our personal relationships with the children are paramount to the success of our program.  We encourage parents and children to play together which helps build a family bond.

Our hope is to plant the seed of golf into the area youth and allow the game to teach the special values, traditions and rules that are synonymous to life and the game itself.

Golf is so much more that just a game. We offer camps for 5-6 years old, 7-13 years old, high school camps, and private and semi private lessons for children.  The programs offer a great learning environment in an enjoyable atmosphere.

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